1. Posses a teachable spirit
    1. Philippians 4:9 – teachability requires repeated hard long looks in the mirror
    2. Admit, I might be the problem – it is not everyone else there – it is probably me who is the issue
    3. Teachability allows God and others to speak into their lives.
    4. Its what you learn after you know it all that counts
    5. A lot of christians are educated beyond the level of their obedience – don’t try to explain God until you understand him
  2. Take responsibility for their attitude
    1. how do you take responsibility for your attitude?
      1. Fill your mind on good things
      2. Meditate on good things
      3. Practice good things
    2. Bologna sandwich – why do I always have a sandwich in my lunch? I make my own sandwich. – Most of the bologna you have in your life – you packed it. You put it in there. Your spouse, boss, income, didn’t do it. You are responsible for it.
    3. Take responsibility for your attitude
  3. Travel the high road
    1. How? Phil. 4:8 –
    2. I can’t always determine what happens to me but I can always control what happens in me.
    3. I can control my response
    4. Laminated card –
      1. High road
      2. Low road
  4. Understand the value of Attitude
    1. There is a little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether its positive or negative.
    2. Do you have a “winning” attitude at the beginning?
      1. sports, surgery, job
    3. Do you have a “winning” attitude in the middle?
      1. what we appreciate, appreciates.
      2. The more you complain the less you obtain
    4. Do you have a “winning” attitude in the end?
You can live a fulfilled life if you fill your mind with good things.
A lot of your success in the future is on the fact, that you fill your mind with the right things. When the right things are inside of you, the right things come out of you.
Do what Paul said, fill your mind with the good things.