Better Before Bigger

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Better Before Bigger

Each one of us have a desire on the inside of us to develop our lives in a way that we live in a perpetual motion of moving forward. In fact, I would come to the conclusion with the people who I am around, if we are not moving forward and growing we have become complacent. The Bible directly speaks against this (Revelation 3:16) in a manner that God requires His people to continually grow in our relationship with Him.

But how? Have you ever had the feeling that you maxed out? This happened to me about 4 months ago. I was working inside the church, loving what I was having the privilege of doing, but I felt that I had maxed out. Everything that I was “over” was running smooth (with minor exceptions) and authentic life transformation and relationships were developing steadily. Nothing to complain with but I felt that I had maxed out on what I was doing.

I went through a phase where I thought a transition was in order. Even though I had only been doing my current task for a year, I felt I had maxed out. When this happens (which has happened to me before), I found that I must escape all my daily activities and get in the presence of God. This is exactly what I did. I prayed. I prayed for direction for over an hour and honestly nothing was being stirred up in my heart.

The next day, I again went into my bedroom, closed the door, and spent time praying. It was here on the second day that I felt the Lord impress on me, “You have to get better before you can get bigger.” I began to mull on that concept (which I heard this similar concept several years before from Andy Stanley), that God quickened to my spirit. Then it hit me, I have not maxed out, I have come to a place where I have to be better with being more intentional about my direction with what I oversee.

Tom Cathy, the president of Chic-fil-la was once in a board meeting and his board members were comparing their financials with Kentucky Fried Chicken. One of the board members stated, “We must offer more options if we want to hit a bigger sales quota.” Cathy listened as the rest of the team began to go down this pathway. Then all of a sudden, Cathy pounds his fist on the board room table and says, “If we get better our customers will demand we get bigger!” Our job is not to create more products to sale but rather sale our product so well that more people want it.

I feel that this is the same aspect for myself in ministry. My job is not to create more outreach ministries or gather together more groups of people to do life with each other. It is to create an opportunity to utilize our current people in a way that more people want to come on board. I didn’t need to create more gimmicks or be a yes man to people who I felt are not capable of sticking with their concept. But create a ministry outcome where more people want to be a part of it.

My goal in March is to do just this. For the first time, I am going to gather our entire campus outreach department together and we are going to become very intentional about what God has called us to do. I do not want to create more gimmicks or ideas, but rather create a ministry outcome that everyone wants to be apart of.

If you feel that you have maxed out at what you are doing, know this, you are exactly where you need to be! Being maxed out only gives you the opportunity to stretch your thinking and see how you can become more efficient, more qualified, or better at what you are doing. My dad use to tell me, “Do something so well that a company would be crazy not to hire you.” Run with that thought. Create a “product” and create it so well that everyone else will want to be apart of it.

I am praying for you and your walk with God, you may feel that you have maxed out in your walk with God, it happens. You may feel that you have maxed out in your place of work or possibly even your marriage. Now is the time to take a step back and examine your relationship with God. Examine the other aspects of your daily living. How can you be better at developing your spiritual relationship with God? What is this new relationship going to look like for you? What outcome do you want to see happen? What would the ideal marriage look like? How can I be in top physical shape? Become very intentional about developing your relationship with God. Become very intentional about developing the life you feel that you were created to live. Find some great resources, get around the right kind of people, set aside time in your daily schedule to be intentional about your personal growth.

Remember, If you want to get “bigger” you have to get “better!”

Stay tuned in April, to find out how our meeting went. I want you to remember, this does not only apply to your spiritual life. This applies to your career, family, finances, and most other aspects of your every day life.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or maybe just need some advice, please feel free to email us at We are here to help provide resources for you develop your walk with God in a better and bigger capacity.

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