Church Coaching

Adding Value to People

One of the favorite things of Taylor Chapman is coaching churches with creating systems. Taylor has been a part of some of the largest churches in America and helped with creating structures and systems for sustainable growth. With tried and true, proven systems, Taylor wants to help your church as well.

Taylor has been involved in the church ministry the majority of his life. He has studied hundreds of churches to discover systems that work (and don’t work) the best. He has tried many different things and has developed a structure of systems that we are confident will change you, your team and your church for the better.

We have a resource just for you. You can check it out on this website and purchase it. It involves three of the most important aspects of your church; volunteers, guest and staff. We have developed systems of growth for your church in one easy to use package that makes sense when you look at it. It is not just a lot of good ideas but there is practical forms you can use from day one to get your systems flowing. God wants your church to grow. If you have 20 people or 20,000 people, the systems can be customized to fit your needs to create a healthy, growing and vibrant church.

*Once you purchase the resource, you will receive an email from us (generally within minutes but sometimes the next business day). In this email, you will get access to online documents that you can customize and print for your church needs. You will be thrilled with the outcome of what is to come for your church!

Click the image below to see what you can get your hands on now! If you would like further coaching, Taylor would be happy to help with this. Please email;