Adding Value to People

Secrets of the Anointing

Marilyn Hickey – “It takes a foundation of prayer and fasting to have the miraculous in your life.” “We have no hunger for God because we have nibbled all day from the world’s table.” The anointing is not a formula capable of being learned.  The anointing is the method of operation for the Spirit of God on earth.   …
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These People Prayed

Dunn had been desperately seeking more of God and his gifting for some time, when the Holy Spirit told him to pray to be FILLED WITH JESUS and he would also receive the gifts. Jesus spoke to him: ‘Don’t pray for the gifts. Pray to be more like Me.’ “I pastored the Pentecostal Holiness church there…
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A Relationship Not a Formula

There are several things that we can use to enhance the anointing in our lives. Let me say, at the outset of this chapter, the anointing is not a formula; it is a relationship. Many are trying to imitate other great men of God. They want to walk their walk and talk their talk, but not…
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