Bible Basics: Study Guide

Bible Basics: Study Guide
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Series: Bible
Genres: Bible, Christian Living, Discipleship, Inspirational, Spiritual Growth, Study Guide
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Rockhouse Publishers
Publication Year: 2019
Format: PDF
Length: 44
ISBN: 9780989117869

Have you ever wondered what the Bible meant? How did we get it? Why do we even have it? Who does it apply to? Find out all this and so much more in our resource, Bible Basics. Along with that we have a study guide that will help you dive just a bit deeper into growing in your understanding of some of the Bible Basics.

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Week 1: How Did It Get Here?

Week 2: Bible Basics

Week 3: Dive Deeper

Week 4: Let’s Investigate Now

Week 5: Life Transformation

Week 6: People of the Old Testament

Week 7: Stories of the Old Testament

Week 8: People of the New Testament

Week 9: Stories of the New Testament

Week 10: Life and Ministry of Jesus