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Pastor Taylor has put a resource together that will help you to understand how to thrive in every situation by walking in wisdom. 

You can purchase an E-book or order a physical copy on Amazon now. 

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Becoming a fully devoted disciple does not happen by accident. It happens by discipline. Each month we add new content to our website to help you become all that God made you to be. We also have mailers that go out often, be sure to subscribe to receive those. 

On Assignment Part 7: Unconverted Places

If we are going to live our lives on assignment, we must understand that our lives need to be yielded completely to Jesus. There are places in our lives that[…]

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On Assignment Part 6: Resilence

Jesus talks to us, during the end times, there is going to be a “Falling away.” How do we assure ourselves that we won’t be in the group of people[…]

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On Assignment Part 5 (Easter)

Everything worth while is uphill. If something is uphill, then I say we need to be mountain climbers. When you are living on assignment, you discover that your mountain is[…]

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