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Adding Value to People

Trick or Treat?

Many believe that Halloween has Christian roots and others believe differently. Some recognize that Halloween is a holiday that represents the eve of “All Saints Day.” This is the day that Martin Luther and his reformation took place which was on November 1. However when it comes to Halloween, October 31, it is the furthest…
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Before | After

Before God we were one way. After God we are one way. Find out what I mean here…  

Standing Strong When Tragedy Strikes

More often than not, tragedy and adversity hit us without warning, like a violent, unexpected storm that leaves a person reeling from the sudden impact. Here in Oklahoma, it seems as though the weather can change in an instant. One minute, the summer sun is shining brightly, and a warm breeze is blowing. Then, only…
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Courage: One More Time

Check out our message on Courage, One More Time… Have you ever felt like giving up? We all have. Let me remind you; those who don’t quit… win!  

Don’t Miss Your Season

I meet so many who want to fulfill God’s unique call on their life but aren’t quite sure where to begin. I remember the feeling all too well. Years ago when I was just starting out, I didn’t write books, speak to large audiences from the stage or counsel hundreds of people. Now, it would…
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