Category: Spiritual Growth

Adding Value to People

Responding To The Holy Spirit

What if God were to show up and I didn’t respond to it?

Developing Spiritual Passion

Do you want to be excited about your walk with God? We want you to as well. Find out just how you can do that in this message by Pastor Taylor Chapman.

I Thought I was Faithful

I was reading my Bible today and was compelled to switch from my normal reading plan to the gospel of John. This is the fourth book in the New Testament. John was known as the “beloved.” One of the closest of the disciples to Jesus Himself. His book is an incredible journey through the life…
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4 Things That People with Great Attitudes Possess

Posses a teachable spirit Philippians 4:9 – teachability requires repeated hard long looks in the mirror Admit, I might be the problem – it is not everyone else there – it is probably me who is the issue Teachability allows God and others to speak into their lives. Its what you learn after you know…
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She Saw Jesus

We were driving to Tulsa, OK from Amarillo, TX. It was my wife, Adrianne sitting in the back seat of the truck along with Matthew (our 6 week old at the time) and Abigail our 2.5 year old daughter. As any great vacation begins with sleeping children. At this time we had been driving about…
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