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She Saw Jesus

We were driving to Tulsa, OK from Amarillo, TX. It was my wife, Adrianne sitting in the back seat of the truck along with Matthew (our 6 week old at the time) and Abigail our 2.5 year old daughter. As any great vacation begins with sleeping children. At this time we had been driving about…
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Courage: One More Time

Check out our message on Courage, One More Time… Have you ever felt like giving up? We all have. Let me remind you; those who don’t quit… win!  

Letting Go of Getting Credit

I was reading an article by Dave Ramsey the other day and I wanted to share it. I literally just copied and pasted this. This in a very though provoking article. Enjoy reading!   “Recently, I got in my car and noticed that my gas tank was full. I noticed this immediately because my gas tank…
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Abigail Found It. Can You?

My 12 week old daughter, Abigail was sitting in her chair the other night. I pulled out my guitar and started playing songs and her face began to change. She went from a baby girl that was quite contently sitting there, to a girl with a huge smile on her face. Flailing her arms all…
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Needed on Valentines Day?

My wife and I have been married for over 6 years. Let me first say, “This 6 years has flown by!” We talk often about how it seems like just yesterday, we were walking together on our college campus, holding hands, and dreaming of the days of what was to come. Over six years into…
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