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Doorway Part 9: Fasting 2 of 2

Today we talk about the second part of fasting on the “How To” of fasting.

Doorway Part 8: Fasting Part 1 of 2

What is true biblical fasting? We have ideas of what fasting is. Such as giving up social media for a short time or giving up television for a short time. Fasting biblical will change your life but the key is to fast the way God wants, not the way we want.

Doorway Part 7: Consistency

Consistency is the key to reaching your full potential. Discover how being consistent can lead to personal and professional growth. Six steps to consistency.

Doorway Part 6: Heaven Is Near

In Part 6 of our teaching series, Doorway, Pastor Taylor looks how Elisha from the book of 2 Kings, chose to keep his focus on Heaven and when he did this, Heaven invaded.

Doorway Part 5: Praise Through It

Praise is the great equalizer. If shifts your focus from your circumstance to your God.