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On Assignment Part 4 (Palm Sunday)

Jesus lived His life “On Assignment.” When you live this way, you live in a such a way that your perspective in all that you do is based upon your assignment. 

The Leaders Greatest Return

If you’re a leader, you should be developing other leaders. It’s the single-greatest investment you can make because it produces the single greatest return. Nothing helps an organization like more leaders; in fact, I’ve never once had an organization tell me, “You know, John—we just have too many leaders.”  In order to develop leaders, however,…
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Lift The Lid

Somewhere today a young person is working hard at their desk, hoping to be considered for a promotion. Somewhere today an older person thinks about their looming retirement and hopes to find something productive to do with their next phase of life. Somewhere today, hundreds of thousands of people, young and old, dream of a…
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