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The Leaders Greatest Return

If you’re a leader, you should be developing other leaders. It’s the single-greatest investment you can make because it produces the single greatest return. Nothing helps an organization like more leaders; in fact, I’ve never once had an organization tell me, “You know, John—we just have too many leaders.”  In order to develop leaders, however,…
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Communicate On Purpose

1. Make it real by leading from the top.Your workforce wants to know what’s going on…they want to know who they work for and what it means to them to work at your company. Demonstrate your company’s commitment to the message by placing your leaders front and center. There’s a story behind your vision, mission…
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4 Things That People with Great Attitudes Possess

Posses a teachable spirit Philippians 4:9 – teachability requires repeated hard long looks in the mirror Admit, I might be the problem – it is not everyone else there – it is probably me who is the issue Teachability allows God and others to speak into their lives. Its what you learn after you know…
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Ford Turn-Around

When Mulally joined Ford as CEO in 2006, the company was facing a $17 billion loss. Alan spearheaded a culture shift that turned the company around to post a $2 billion profit and the stock value rose ten-fold. Alan explained that to inspire a company to achieve, its leader must exhibit humility, love for team…
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