I Thought I was Faithful

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I Thought I was Faithful

I was reading my Bible today and was compelled to switch from my normal reading plan to the gospel of John. This is the fourth book in the New Testament. John was known as the “beloved.” One of the closest of the disciples to Jesus Himself. His book is an incredible journey through the life and ministry of Jesus. 

In John chapter 8 verse 31 it reads, “Jesus said to the people who believed in him, You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings.”

I have read that verse before and probably had the same thoughts that you have. I am faithful to the teachings so I am good. But then today, I really started thinking about it. 

You are truly my disciples IF you REMAIN faithful to my teachings. I am married and have been for over 10 years. What if, in my 9th year of marriage, I had nine months of being faithful and 3 months of not being faithful? Am I still married? Yes. Do I have a good relationship with my wife? Heck NO. I am in big trouble. 

When reading this passage, the thought came to me about how so many people today, live the life they want to live and they add Jesus when they have time. They attend church every few weeks. They are generally good people. But does that make them “faithful.”

Faithful means to be steadfast. Steadfast means to be unwavering. When you look at this passage of scripture what Jesus is saying is simply if you are my disciple you are going to be unwavering to what I teach you. Think back to the 9 months of being faithful to my wife and the 3 months of not. Okay, let’s try it another way. I am 364 days faithful to my wife and the last day of the year, I choose not to be. I only had one bad day. Am I in the clear? No way. My wife is going to beat me down. It doesn’t work. In order to be faithful to my wife, I have to live EVERY SINGLE Day choosing to be faithful to her. 

What Jesus is teaching us in this passage is the only way to determine if you are truly His disciple or not is if you, day-by-day, unwavering, uncompromising, choose to live according to His teachings. 

Let me encourage you to come to a place in your life, where every day you choose to follow Christ. Every day you grow in your relationship with Him. Every day you remain faithful to Him. You need to get yourself to a place where daily, you are seeking after Him. Change your lifestyle. Change the words that come out of your mouth. Change the places you go. Do whatever it takes to remain faithful.