Is Your Business Going Down #2

Adding Value to People

Is Your Business Going Down #2

Last time we discussed your business, we talked about Business Ethics. You can not run a business and not have ethics. When no one is looking, what are you doing? The corners that can be cut once you learn your industry will ultimately be what makes you or breaks you. Why you ask? It is what sets you a part.

I owned a very successful company. In my industry there were a multitude of ways to cut corners. Each corner I cut could have saved me employee time as well as saved me financial resources. I have to admit at the beginning I realized I could could get away with it, I did. Soon after, I started looking for more ways to get around things and it ultimately, it started costing me contracts. I learned the hard way (but I learned it quickly), always go the extra mile. It does not matter if it cost you a little bit more or not. Do what is right regardless of the outcome. 

After you determine in your heart to do what is right, we need to look at the second aspect. This is SUPER (in the words of my 2 year old daughter) important. You have a product that you are trying to sell Maybe, you sell your craft. You are a web designer and you are selling websites. No matter what your product is, the second part of understanding your business is, do you believe in yourself to sell your product?

What I have found over the years, the people I bought product in, had confidence not only in their product but in themselves. I remember the first time I started cleaning carpets. I went to my first job and honestly, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I was trying to figure everything out and messing stuff up in the process. However, after my second week of doing jobs all day long, I was confident in the results that I could produce. My vocal tone changed from, I think I can do this to, Yes, you will be glad you called me over anyone else. 

The confidence I had in myself changed the game for my business. If you don’t believe in yourself, how will the person you are trying to sell your product to believe in you?

I am reminded of the movie, “Cool Runnings.” In this movie, there is a scene where one teammate is talking to the other standing in front of the mirror. He said, “What do you see in yourself?” The teammate kind of pawned it off and his partner said, “No. Say it like you mean it. What do you see in yourself?” This was the tipping point for this young man. He began to see himself as a person who knew his craft. 

If you are going to sell your product, you have to believe in yourself. 

Our next discussion is going to inspire you. I am so excited to share it with you. It is the third step in helping your business succeed.

  1. Have a high standard of ethics
  2. Believe In Yourself
  3. Stay Tuned




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