She Saw Jesus

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She Saw Jesus

We were driving to Tulsa, OK from Amarillo, TX. It was my wife, Adrianne sitting in the back seat of the truck along with Matthew (our 6 week old at the time) and Abigail our 2.5 year old daughter. As any great vacation begins with sleeping children. At this time we had been driving about 1.5 hours. The kids were both asleep in their car seats.

My wife was in the middle of the two and she says, “Taylor, look at Abigail.” While we was out of it asleep, her mouth is moving as if she is speaking but there are not any words coming out. We can not hear her. Then at the same time, in a deep sleep, she moves her hands and arms to a posture of about to hug someone. Her arms are spread a part. Her feet are still and nothing else is going on. She is talking but noise is not coming out. Her eyes are shut and not even twitching. Her arms and hands are spread out. We watched this for a couple of minutes and then as if all of a sudden a conversation was over. Her lips stopped their motion and her hands went back to restfully reside in her lap.

We continued to drive down the highway and about an hour later, we hear Abigail starting to wake up. I look back through the rearview mirror and say, “Did you have a good nap?” Without skipping a beat, our 2.5 year old daughter says, “I’ve been with Jesus. We were just talking.”

My curiosity is peaked. Thinking back to about an hour previous when she was talking but not a word was coming from her mouth. I asked her, “What did you all talk about?” Totally thinking she was going to laugh and start talking about something else random as she normally does. She replied back, “Church. We were talking about church and how come no one comes to The Church anymore.”

The unique thing is, we have never talked about this type of thing in front of Abigail before. Our church is a great church where a multitude of people gather each week. Wanting to find out more about her conversation, I asked her, “Why do people not come to church anymore?” She smiled and said, “Because they are scared.” “What do they have to be sacred of?” I asked. “Oh, they are scared of Jesus. They don’t really know Him and they are scared of who He is,” Abigail stated.

Out of my 2.5 year old daughter she claimed that people were scared of Jesus. If you think about it, why do people not go to church? They are afraid of change. They are afraid of being judged. They are afraid of what may be asked of them. In other words, they are scared of Jesus because they do not know Him.

I believe with all my heart, Abigail had an encounter with Jesus on that trip. I believe that children have an innocence and faith that we grow out of as we get older and desensitized to the purity and holiness of God. All Abigail knows is love, she hears worship music every night all night long, she hears it throughout the day in our home. She hears biblical teachings and does bible lessons with my wife, Adrianne. In her world, it is natural to be with Jesus.

What if we all had that same understanding. That sense of living a life a little different than the average. That sense of living a life pursing holiness and righteousness. The Bible tells us, “Without holiness, no one will see the Lord.” There will be a requirement of holiness to encounter the living God, where do you stand?

If you need help to grow closer in your relationship with God, let me help you. Let me come along this journey with you.

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