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Adding Value to People

Facebook = Holiness?

The other night I did something I don’t normally do. I stalked people on Facebook. I was listening to a podcast and my eyes started getting bored. So, I jumped on Facebook. I typically stay away from Facebook creeping as times in past I would get discouraged. I would see where people are struggling with family members…
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In the Heat of the Battle

Mark 5, When Jesus went to go pray for the little girl who died, he took in Peter, James, and John. The scripture said that he didn’t allow anyone else in the room with them. Why did he choose those three? I believe that part of the reason is he didn’t want people that would…
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Mr. Fix It

There was a company who manufactured large appliances on a national scale. Each year thousands of appliances would be shipped all over the United States to different stores. With this particular company you paid more, but you received a higher quality product. One day, they get a phone call about one of their new products…
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