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Your doorway to go deeper

Doorway Part 4: Grace & Peace

Peter and Paul teach us that our inheritance of walking in greater measures of God’s glory can be multiplied. We look today at how Grace and peace can be multiplied. 

Doorway Part 3: How To Receive from God

If we are going to go deeper into the spiritual realm, we are going to need to learn how to receive from God.

Doorway Part 2: Become Clear

When we meditate on the Word of God, it becomes clear. We look at four different Greek and Hebrew words that teach us the importance of meditating on the Word of God.

Doorway Part 1: Access Point

What if God is calling you to go through the doorway to go deeper in your spiritual life? What would you do? Would you choose to go through or would you choose to walk around? Join us on this pathway as we learn how to walk through the doorway to go deeper. 

On Assignment Part 8: Fresh Oil

The Kings in the Old Testament would be anointed with oil, signifying they are empowered by God to accomplish the assignment that He has for you. Check out the latest message from Pathway Church of Norman, Oklahoma. www.PathwayChurchOK.com