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Adding Value to People

5 Qualities of People Who Use Time Wisely

Time is precious. Ask the coach whose team is behind in the final seconds of a game. Ask the air traffic controller in charge of scheduling takeoffs and landings at a major airport. Ask the news reporter who has just received a breaking story from the AP wire. Ask the cancer patient who just learned…
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Which Leadership Style Are You?

In my life I have had the privilege of meeting a variety of “executive” leaders. Anything from business leaders, political leaders, to spiritual leaders. It has been a pleasure to watch the different leadership styles and learn from each of them. In each leader, you can learn something. You can learn traits that you want…
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Potential “Burnout”

Have you ever truly sat down and thought about the potential that you have?  We have the potential to reach out and make a difference in the lives of people all around us. We have the potential to lead more people to Christ then ever before.  But truthfully, sometimes knowing we have that much potential,…
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Living Life Usefully

Ben Franklin once said, “I would rather live usefully then die rich.” We need to understand that life is a one way street. Not a dress rehearsal. There is no looking back and redoing. There is only, what you are doing now to plan for the future so one day, you can look back and see…
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Death Happens Before the Cemetery

If you have ever read anything of mine you know I have this weird obsession with cemeteries. To be completely open, this was not on my own doing. There is actually someone else who had this obsession first. I learned from my dad. My dad enjoys to walk and pray. When he would walk and…
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