Abigail’s Song

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Abigail’s Song

Before Abigail was born, my mom said, ” I see a blonde curly headed girl twirling all the time. She is spinning and spinning.”

Here we are now with nearly a two year old daughter, Abigail does just that! At some point of nearly every day, my mom, my wife or myself  begin to worship and Abigail begins to twirl and worship God. It is the most precious thing you will ever see. As the atmosphere in the room changes, so does her twirling. She twirls and then she raises her hand and begins to sing. God God God Goooooooooooooooooood Goooooooooooood.

About nine months ago, I was worshipping, playing the piano. Abigail was twirling with her hands raised. All of a sudden out of no where, she stopped. She looked up and pointed to the corner of the room. Then she got the biggest, most sincere, genuine smile I have ever seen. Her countenance changed. She was enthralled with what she was pointing at. I could not see anything, however I believe with all my heart, she saw Jesus standing in the room as we were worshipping (Matthew 18:3) and it wasn’t her first time seeing Him.

If we could pull ourselves away from the carnal lifestyle that we all go through, Abigail at two years old, is completely innocent and knows nothing else but worshipping God (and how to count to 10). We would all see Jesus face-to-face.

Back to the original story, during the time of waiting for Abigail’s arrival, my mom would sit at her grand piano and worship God. Over the coming weeks, she wrote a melody inspired by God for Abigail. It was during the time of my mom seeing a little blonde curly haired girl twirling that this melody┬ácame forth.

Here it is recorded from a phone. Give it a listen.


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  1. Rhesa Funk says:

    That was absolutely beautiful. It sounds exactly like a little blonde baby twirling to the music of Jesus.

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