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Your doorway to go deeper

Business Going Down?

Have you tried to build a company or possibly try to improve the way you do business? One thing I know from building two successful companies, there are some things you have to put in place. Back about 5 years ago, I was at a strange place. A place I didn’t know. I had resigned…
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Live Today Intentionally

At the beginning of the year, I’ve noticed it can be the most productive time for many people: gyms are packed, motivational quotes are tacked to office walls, and people are constantly talking about their new diet or their new pledge to becoming a better person. As someone committed to a life of personal growth, it’s…
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Death Happens Before the Cemetery

If you have ever read anything of mine you know I have this weird obsession with cemeteries. To be completely open, this was not on my own doing. There is actually someone else who had this obsession first. I learned from my dad. My dad enjoys to walk and pray. When he would walk and…
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