Death Happens Before the Cemetery

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Death Happens Before the Cemetery

If you have ever read anything of mine you know I have this weird obsession with cemeteries. To be completely open, this was not on my own doing. There is actually someone else who had this obsession first. I learned from my dad. My dad enjoys to walk and pray. When he would walk and pray in downtown areas or public places, people would stop him and ask him what he was doing. This would disrupt his prayer time and then he would get sidetracked and forget about what he was praying.

One day he set off on a voyage to discover the land without distractions, the land where he could walk, pray, and not be disturbed at all. This land he discovered; the cemetery. He could walk and pray all day long and no one would interrupt him. If someone came up to him, he would just look down at the gravestone and people thought he was giving his condolences to the person and they would walk away. The cemetery was the perfect place for him.

This trait was passed down to me for some odd reason. Of all the things I could have inherited, I don’t know why this one stuck. However, I do not make as many trips as he does, but occasionally I find myself in a place where I need to seek God out in the open and not be bothered. The cemetery is a great place for this.

The earthly body has passed away and for some of them, their dreams died with them. This helps me to keep things in perspective. I can not let my dreams die. I must at no matter what the cost, keep moving forward.

The sad reality of the cemetery, for many, their dreams died long before they did. Possibly lacking hope, faith, courage, resources, people, or maybe they had a dream so big they were afraid to tell anyone, therefore causing the fear of failure to set in and they do not even try.

Why do dreams die? “We lose the way, when we lose the why.” You have to never forget the “Why.” Why do I get up every day and face the day head on? Why do I believe I am called to do this? Why do I have a tugging in my heart for people or this cause? Why do I believe my product is the best? Why? For many they understand the “Way,” but never fully grasp the “why.”

Today, rethink what you are doing… Why are you getting up and going to work? Why are you sacrificing certain things for other things? Ask yourself a myriad of questions and write down your answers.


After you write down your thoughts, ask yourself these questions…

1. What is consuming all my time? Is this a life crusade or a byproduct of not knowing what else I can do?

2. If I could do anything, what would it be? and why?

3. How can I position myself today, to prepare tomorrow to start my fulfilling what it is I feel that I am suppose to do (answer to #2)?

4. What I feel my heart, my purpose in living is for, what is the game-plan that I need to get in place to see to it that my dreams don’t die.

Don’t let your dreams die prematurely. The grave was Jesus’s greatest victory.

You may feel there are areas in your life where you have one foot in the grave and one foot barely hanging on, don’t let today be the day your dream dies.

You are a byproduct today of the choices you made yesterday. Tomorrow you will become what you created today. I believe and declare, your dreams will be fulfilled and lives will forever be changed by the choices you make today!


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