Abigail Found It. Can You?

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Abigail Found It. Can You?

My 12 week old daughter, Abigail was sitting in her chair the other night. I pulled out my guitar and started playing songs and her face began to change. She went from a baby girl that was quite contently sitting there, to a girl with a huge smile on her face. Flailing her arms all around and making noises. She loved listening to the guitar and started “singing” along with me.

How fun is that! Abigail was quickly inspired with joy by the sound of her dad playing the guitar. How many times in the day are you inspired to find joy? Or I can ask it a different way? How many times in your day does something happen that tries to rob your joy? If you are anything like me, it seems, within an hour of getting to the office, there is something that I could allow to rob my joy. But like my little 12 week old girl, she found joy. Where are you able to find joy?

You need to understand, people around you, because of their decisions in life, are going to rob you of your joy. It is seemingly hard to make it through the day and not hear about circumstances or go through an event that will rob your joy. I want to challenge you, choose to find joy. Choose to find circumstances that instead of robbing your joy, gives you joy. I can always find ways for my joy to be robbed but it is my job to find joy in the unique situations I am in. In the bible, James writes, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of any kinds.” According to James, we know trials are going to come. We are warned trials are going to come. But we are also informed, “Consider it joy” – in other words, find joy in what you are doing. Then take it a step further, help others find joy. You may be the only beacon of joy they have in their day.

It is easy to be like everyone else. As followers of Christ, we need to make the decision; I am not going to let anything or anyone steal my joy. I will operate in joy. The things that come out of my mouth will be full of joy. The attitude in which I carry will be that of joy. In all things, I choose to walk in joy!

Abigail found joy in the music. Which in turn brought joy to me. Joy can be spread easily, if you just look for opportunities to find it. Where do you find your joy? What is stopping you from helping others to find their joy? Choose to walk in joy!

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  1. Thanks so much for the article.Really thank you! Really Cool.

  2. Gopika says:

    Hello,My daughter revceied a headband with flower clip on it from Abigail ealry last week at valley childrens. Thank you! It is awsome what you are doing. My daughter has HLH and just started to loose her hair for the last few days, and the bling helped! Thank you!

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