Potential “Burnout”

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Potential “Burnout”

Have you ever truly sat down and thought about the potential that you have?  We have the potential to reach out and make a difference in the lives of people all around us. We have the potential to lead more people to Christ then ever before.  But truthfully, sometimes knowing we have that much potential, will put fear in us. We do not think we can “measure up” or “take the first step.”

On my wife’s 20th birthday, I thought I would romance her. I took her to a cemetery. You may be thinking, why in the world would you go to a cemetery? I know it is crazy, but cemeteries allow me to put things into perspective.  The sad harsh reality, the cemetery is full of people who had potential but because of fears or giving up too quickly their dreams died with them.

I don’t want to run my race and find out that I did not dream big enough. I want to run a race where people’s lives are forever changed. I want to run a race that inspires others to run faster. I want to run a race to help other people fulfill their calling in life.

My dad uses a phrase, “A candle was made to burn out.” This is so true, we are all made that one day, we will burn out. But what would happen if your candle stoked the wick of another candle? Then that candle, stoked a wick of five more candles? You would soon realize, your candle may be gone but the flame you lit, is still burning bright.

We oftentimes limit our ability to grow because we are afraid to try one more time. We doubt our ability to achieve a high level of success.  We don’t fully understand, God has called us to grow and achieve greatness.

The Bible says in 1 Chronicles 4:10, “Enlarge my territory.”  In other words, give me more space so I can grow.  You have incredible potential.  Your family needs to grow.  Your relationships need to grow.  Your marriage needs to grow. If you stop growing, then you hinder or possibly even stop your potential.

The cemetery is full of people with potential. The difference between you and them, you still have the ability to keep the flame that God has put in your heart burning. Don’t let your candle burn out too soon.

Do not let your inability to dream big stop you from ability to be big. Whatever is hindering you, make the commitment to stop doing that immediately and begin to set yourself up for lighting the flame that never burns out. Don’t let your potential die before you do.

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  1. gloria michel says:

    Great insight. Thank you for the encouragement. I know for myself, when things start to slow down or like right now, our ministry is in a tough spot, I’m asking God for direction…what’s next for me. I definitely don’t want to grow and strengthen my walk.

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