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Your doorway to go deeper

Abigail Found It. Can You?

My 12 week old daughter, Abigail was sitting in her chair the other night. I pulled out my guitar and started playing songs and her face began to change. She went from a baby girl that was quite contently sitting there, to a girl with a huge smile on her face. Flailing her arms all…
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In the Heat of the Battle

Mark 5, When Jesus went to go pray for the little girl who died, he took in Peter, James, and John. The scripture said that he didn’t allow anyone else in the room with them. Why did he choose those three? I believe that part of the reason is he didn’t want people that would…
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Prayer & Revival

If our prayers are persistent, we can also expect them to be answered. Several examples can be found in the past, when people prayed persistently, even for years, and finally saw their prayers answered. D.L. Moody wrote about his times in England:  The revival did not start by coincidence, it started through the prayers of a…
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Secrets of the Anointing

Marilyn Hickey – “It takes a foundation of prayer and fasting to have the miraculous in your life.” “We have no hunger for God because we have nibbled all day from the world’s table.” The anointing is not a formula capable of being learned.  The anointing is the method of operation for the Spirit of God on earth.   …
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