In the Heat of the Battle

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In the Heat of the Battle

Mark 5, When Jesus went to go pray for the little girl who died, he took in Peter, James, and John. The scripture said that he didn’t allow anyone else in the room with them. Why did he choose those three? I believe that part of the reason is he didn’t want people that would question who He was. He didn’t want people to ask if he had a back up plan or not. No, when you are in the heat of the battle, when you need a breakthrough, you can not afford people in your inner circle to question you but rather people who are joined in spirit with you. If you are bold enough to believe it, then I am bold enough to agree with you.

If you believe you can break that addiction, I believe it too.
If you believe that you can finish that college degree, I believe it too.

You need to find people to get in your inner circle that will stand in faith with you. In verse 40, the people mocked him, but Jesus told him (paraphrased), “There’s the door.” His attitude was, I don’t need your doubt and unbelief. I am going to put people around me who know my assignment.

If there are people around you that continually pull you down, you need to have the attitude, I can not fulfill my destiny with people who are going to drag me down. I am going to love you, but love you from a distance.

Jesus could have healed the girl in front of everyone. But He didn’t. He chose to bring in a select group because He was teaching us that when we need a breakthrough, when we need an intervention from God, get the right kind of people in your inner circle. Are the people in your inner circle, beating you up and tearing you down or are they encouraging you to become all that God has called for you?

It may be hard to ask some of your inner circle friends to back off, but you will never give up something for God without Him giving you something better in return.

You need to bring people in your life that are going to help you walk in a measure of faith that you can not do on your own. I am not saying go out and get rid of all your friends, but what I am saying, I want you to examine the relationships that you have. The ones that are constantly dragging you down, causing confusion or unneeded heartache in your life, it may be time to remove them from your inner circle. Jesus did this, because He knew that when in the heat of the battle, He wanted people around Him that caused His faith to stir up.

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