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The Next Generation Church

Looking at the past one hundred years in the local church, we have come a long way. Some would argue the fact that we are reaching more people today than in the history of time. This is true due to the simple fact of the technology and resources that we have today. On the flip side, I would argue, we are hurting the “Christian” today more than ever. There is a watered-down gospel that is being taught and today’s generation has not a clue.

We are creating church services that are entertainment driven and a place to bring your friends for social hour but the power of the Holy Spirit is completely void. Life-transformation is happening but on a scale too small to register or too small to come to the conclusion; this is the best way to operate the local church.

There must be a change. The Bible is very clear that we are to humble ourselves, forgive others, commit to pray and turn from our wicked way, and then the Lord will hear us (2 Chronicles 7:14). On a typical Sunday all across America, a message is taught by a preacher and at the end of the message the preacher says, “If you want to receive then repeat this after me…” Then hundreds of people “give” their lives to Jesus but nothing changes in them. They leave the church that Sunday and go about their ways as before and nothing has truly changed. For the majority of those who “prayed that prayer,” they will not step foot back in church for weeks, months and even years to come. All they know, they were trying to “make things right with the man upstairs.” They prayed and made things right and now they can go back to the way they were before.  I have news for those, narrow is the way to heaven. I will not deny or confirm your salvation, only God can do that. However I will say this, the Bible is very clear to judge the fruit of the person. If the fruits that you are producing more often then not, are not Godly, I would question your salvation and hopefully you will too.

Here are some startling realities… of those now in their 20s who attend church regularly:

  1. Over 40% state they are not born again.
  2. 35% state the Bible has errors or they don’t know if it has errors.
  3. Close to 90% attend or attended public school.
  4. Over 20% left school believing the Bible was less true.
  5. Over 45% said they were not taught to defend their faith at Sunday school.
  6. 45% say either homosexual behavior is not a sin or they don’t know if it is a sin.
  7. 40% believe “gay couples” should be allowed to marry and have legal rights.
  8. 20% believe there are other books (other than the Bible) that are inspired by God.
  9. 65% believe if you are a good person you will go to heaven.

It is time we take a stand for what is right and turn back to living a life that is called by God to be holy for He is holy. To be a Christian, is to be “like Christ.” It is time for you to BE A CHRISTIAN! No more watered down gospel. Take the whole thing [Bible] or don’t take it at all. “Playing church” will not get you into heaven. Then you portray an image of a Christian that will cause others to stumble in their walk as well. You never truly made Jesus the Lord of your life. If He was, then everything about you would be different. You have only one option, since you were made in His mage, your only option is to deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Christ in all things!

If you are not sure how you go about doing this, here is a place to start: Click HERE


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