What is Halloween?

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What is Halloween?

Many believe that Halloween has Christian roots and others believe differently. Some recognize that Halloween is a holiday that represents the eve of “All Saints Day.”  This is the day that Martin Luther and his reformation took place which was on November 1. However when it comes to Halloween, October 31, it is the furthest thing, from a Christian holiday. If you want to know the truth of Halloween, keep on reading…

– A pagan holiday that represents the day of the dead.

Jack O Lantern…
– Made to ward off evil spirits.

Many people believe Halloween actually has Christian roots but this is not true. Halloween (or all hallows eve) is rooted in making sacrifices to gods in Druidic tradition. The lord of death sent evil spirits to attack humans. The only way for humans to escape the evil spirits were to dress-up in a costume to hide from the evil spirits.

Today, Halloween is a sacred holiday for those who follow Wicca (satanic practices) and it has been said; there will be more animal/people sacrifices on this day then any other day of the year combined. Does that sound like a Christian holiday?

I understand dressing up and getting candy is fun and innocent. But to participate means to accept it. If you think you can go out and have candy and enjoy it and it not affect you, go for it. Remember, this is how the person who said, “I won’t become an alcoholic justified what they were doing as well.” Or the person who said, “It is okay for me to watch this or click on this, because it won’t affect me who just several weeks ago, I was working with because they had an affair on their spouse.”  Culture has drawn a line and we keep moving our “standards” to align with culture. The road to hell is never a 180 degree turn. It is a slippery slope that starts with compromise.

God drew a line for our protection! The problem today, we are so far away from that line we don’t even know where the line that God drew is at. We feel God’s protection for our lives is limiting our fun. This is the furthest thing from the truth. God gives us boundaries to understand what will keep us in joy, peace and many other aspects of what the Christian life brings. We feel that “grace” covers us and “culture” accepts us so we can “love” our friends who don’t believe, so it is better if we dumb down our beliefs instead of make a stand for what is right.

If you are trying to “win” your friends for Christ, the best thing you can do is live a life that shines Jesus. Not acceptance of sin. “Let your light shine for all men to see and by this, they will know the Father” (Matthew 5:16).

The Word of God has NOT changed nor will it change. We are to conform to the Bible, not what is being taught or thought is acceptable by many today. God is my standard, the Bible is my guidelines and my life is a representation of that!

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! No celebrating Halloween in this house!

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