There was a company who manufactured large appliances on a national scale. Each year thousands of appliances would be shipped all over the United States to different stores. With this particular company you paid more, but you received a higher quality product. One day, they get a phone call about one of their new products that had just been shipped out. There seemed to be a problem with it. The manufacture, gladly took it back and replaced it with a new one.

The engineers began to look at the appliance and diagnose the problem. There were several dozen engineers and they stopped everything to find out if this was a fluke issue or a major issue that all of this particular line of appliances had. After searching to figure out the problem (mean while getting more complaints about this product), the engineers were not having any luck. More appliances were being shipped back and now costing the company serious dollars.

The company decided to hire a gentlemen who was the best around to come and see if he could find the problem. The Mr. Fix It, appliance repairman came in and studied the appliance. Within just a short time, Mr. Fix It, grabbed a red marker out of his bag, walked over to the appliance and drew an “X” on the casing. He told the engineers take this casing apart and fix this particular part. The engineers did just that and it worked. Mr. Fix It, had done it again.

Mr. Fix It, wrote his bill on a piece of paper and gave it to accounts receivable for an amount of $10,000 and then left the warehouse. The company sent him a letter and asked for an itemized bill, as they thought that price was outrageous.

He sends this back,
Red marker: $1.00
Knowing where to put the red mark: $9,999.00

The company mailed him his check.

Mr. Fix It, could do what no other engineer could do. He was able to analyze the situation, diagnose the problem, and then create a solution.

I am going to ask you that you apply the Mr. Fix It principle in your spiritual life. Certain days we sit back and wonder why seemingly God is not pouring out His favor on our lives. The engineers were quite capable of building a machine, but they were not capable of coming up with solutions when the machine was broken. You are quite capable of developing your spiritual life, but are you capable of coming up with solutions when things get tough? How do you develop your spiritual life? How do you improve your prayer life? How do you improve your walk with God? How do you learn to hear God’s voice? When analyzing, you have to come up with any possible issue and examine it. Even if it sounds dumb, try to examine the situation from all angles. When you learn how to examine, it gives you a different perspective. I want to change your perspective when it comes to your spiritual life but also in your every day life. You are Mr. (or Miss) Fix It. You have the ability to be the “hired” outside source coming in to save the day.

As Mr. (or Miss) Fix It, here is what I want you to do:
1. Analyze your spiritual life – is it where it should be?
2. Diagnose the problem – why is it not where it should be?
3. Create a solution – how am I going to get it where it should be?

Write it down. Don’t keep your thoughts in your head. Write down what you are going to do to improve your spiritual life. There are several things I know without a shadow of a doubt, one of them is this, if you don’t live your life daily pursuing the presence of God, you will go through situations where you don’t feel God is near. Something is going to come up, Peter writes it in the New Testament of the Bible (1 Peter 4:12), “Trials are going to come your way.” There is nothing you can do about it, but how you respond when the trials come, will make or break your family, your relationships, your spiritual journey or even your career. If we are warned that they are going to come, why are we surprised when they do? You want to know why? We have allowed our spiritual lives to take the back burner of importance trying to survive in this world.

Focus on what matters most, so when things that matter go array, you learn to lean into the presence of God and not run from His presence.

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